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AU thingy: Stiles sees Derek as a wolf. Then he see’s him turn back into a human. It’s jaw dropping. 

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I’m losing my powers

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JR once had a dream that their plane to Paris crashed…” (x)

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theflyingfeeling said:
Hej Sofia, tack så mycket för the notebook, it looks so nice and fancy and it's actually a great gift because I always need blank paper to scribble my notes on! Also I keep opening and closing the covers, playing with the magnet thingy haha. And thanks for the candy too :)

You are very welcome. Good that you like it. When i saw them i thought that you might be like me and find the magnet cover fun. And the pretty colors are nice too.


3x23 // 4x12 as requested by the-spark-and-the-king

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leave all your love and your longing behind

you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive

insp: (x)

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Justin + the white leather jacket 

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